damaged kitchenware box

But the Box is Damaged…

remodeling kit for sale in damaged box

Minute damage won’t dull the box’s contents.

Last week we defined liquidation and explained why it’s a great shopping strategy for consumers. One thing that might cause shoppers to hesitate is a broken, damaged, or opened box.

Most of the time, liquidated items will be brand new and unused, but the condition of the box is what pulled them from the shelf in the first place. Any number of reasons from shipping issues, faulty packaging, age, or even quality assurance checks could result in the box being opened or damaged before it was ever purchased.

At Wholesale & Liquidation Experts, if there is ever a question about a damaged box or opened package, we can ease your mind and offer reliable customer service solutions. If possible we can check the contents of the box and make sure it’s contents are all intact. We also offer a 30 day warranty on our items so that you can return an incomplete or damaged products hassle-free.

Monster High doll in slightly damaged box

We doubt you’ll be able to find the REAL damage to this box!

It makes sense for savvy shoppers to be wary of a damaged box, but you can’t always judge an item by it’s packaging, especially when shopping in liquidation stores. You can trust us to be honest about the condition of our items being brand new, refurbished, or customer returns, because we want to offer a reliable shopping experience while still giving you the best bargains on products you need.

Stop by our store and tour the aisles for brand name items from Home Depot, Kohl’s, K-Mart, Sears, Toys R Us, and Amazon.com and don’t let the box detour your shopping experience. As the saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts!

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