hamster eating corn with big cheeks

Nature can teach us the Benefits of Buying in Bulk

hamster eating corn with big cheeks

Adorable hamster photo by Pet Central

We’re approaching fall, and with chilly weather comes a great lesson to learn from nature. Notice how wild animals and even trees start to change in preparation for winter. Trees lose their leaves and hold in the nutrients necessary to last all winter long. Squirrels, bees, even your pet hamster get ready for months of cold by storing food. You can just look at your hamster’s puffed out cheeks and round little body to know she’s not coming out of her comfortable hamster bed for a while. Wouldn’t that be a great way to live?

Nature knows how to take advantage of bulk, and while animals and trees can usually find their supplies on their own (except that hamster, remember to feed her), humans rely on finding the right stores with the right prices for making bulk purchases worthwhile.

bulk paper towel rolls

Photo by Georgian Newsday

Consumers run into a few hurdles when it comes to buying in bulk. Some stores offer discounts on brand name items only after paying a membership fee. Another disadvantage buyers might anticipate when purchasing large quantities is the overall price. If you’re not getting a membership discount, you won’t want to spend more money upfront just so you can get 5 more boxes. You can always buy more during your next shopping trip, right?

Wholesale & Liquidation Experts invites all shoppers the freedom to buy in bulk, no membership required! We stock cleaning supplies, paper products, household items, non-perishable food, and more, so we have the quantities you need to make fewer trips and a smaller dent in your wallet. Our everyday discounts also make a quick trip for a few things easier than trying to navigate a big-box store like Wal-Mart or Target.

We also sell to wholesaler buyers when we have pallets available, which makes other local retailers happy, especially with the holidays coming up! We love to offer are biggest quantities of items at the best prices, so if you’re a wholesale buyer, come by the store and help us build a strong and money-savvy relationship with you–no membership required, just minimum purchases!

What are the best items to start stocking up on? Check our this list of 10 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk. And yes, we carry almost everything on this list, but even our stock goes fast at our prices! Stop by today and fill up a cart, even if it means we won’t be returning in a while!

Which items do you always buy in bulk?

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