3 Ways to Avoid Cold, Flu, and High Price Season

Save money and your immune system with quality items at low prices!

If high prices make you feel ill, our low prices will help you feel better, especially during cold and flu season! Wholesale & Liquidation Experts is stocked with products that will make you feel better, and prices that won’t make you break out in a cold sweat.

We’ve already put together a Pinterest board with some Cold and Flu Season Essential, as well as great home remedies, healthy practices, and a bit of humor (because laughter is the best medicine)! Now we wanted to break down some of the best ways to use these quality items to avoid seasonal sicknesses.

1. Deep Clean Around the House

I’m not just talking straightening up the living room and wiping down the counter tops. After a long summer season of playing outdoors, returning from camping trips, rainstorms, and pet shedding, it’s time to turn your house or apartment upside down to clean. By using a a diluted Clorox Concentrated solution to sanitize surfaces, you minimize that strong bleach-y smell while killing germs and bacterial on almost any surface. Fall is also a great time to replace bedding, putting thicker, warmer comforter sets in each room to prep for cooler nights, while washing and storing your summer sheets. Don’t forget to vacuum both carpet and hardwood floors for a finishing blow to germy grime!

2. Boost Your Immune System

Once your surroundings are refreshed and ready for fall, start working on your insides! Most people won’t start taking vitamins or supplements until they start to get cold or flu symptoms, and by then it’s already too late! You can’t really go wrong with a flu shot, but don’t underestimate the success rate of multivitamins, especially anything containing high amounts of vitamin C. Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated and flush out the possibilities of a seasonal bug. And, of course, soup! Not only a hot and soothing comfort food when you’re not sick, but if you happen to fall under the weather, it’s the perfect remedy for tender tummies stuck in bed.

3. Clean Up Your Tracks

Now that you’re feeling pretty good inside and out, you still have to interact with others…OUTSIDE! But don’t get paranoid just yet! Keep antibacterial sanitizers and cleaning wipes with you to ward off any unsanitary situations. This is the perfect time to buy cleansing wipes in bulk to keep at home, at work, in the car, or in your backpack. The same goes for hand sanitizers and facial tissue. Better than have a bunch and not use them, than to need it and feel too sick to get more.

Stocking up on your cold and flu season essentials now won’t make you feel green. All of our items are always at the lowest prices and up to 60% off of retail stores. We carry brand name products you’d find at your local pharmacy or home goods store, but for a fraction of the cost.

Come by Wholesale & Liquidation Experts today and fight off the cold and flu bugs while avoiding price markups that make you ill!

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