Product Feature: MREs Have a Short Shelf Life at WLExperts

The most popular items at our store this month have been flying off the shelves every day by the dozens! They’re not the hottest new digital device or the colorful new fad the kids are talking about these days. They’re MREs! Practical, affordable, and pretty much indestructible!

MREs, or Meals, Ready-to-Eat, are staples for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, or survivalists. They are pre-packaged meals containing an entree, sides, drink mixes, desserts, and a heating pack that require no more than 1 water bottle to activate and enjoy. We’ve had both Wornick EverSafe and Sopacko brands come through the store with surprising quickness. Both brands package meals with shelf lives up to 10 years past the expiration date on the box.

surepak-front1-mre-meals-ready-to-eat-wholesale-liquidation-experts-stockbridge-gaBesides how long the MREs last, customers also ask the following questions:

How do they taste?

What do the meals consist of?

Have you eaten them?

Why would I ever eat at MRE?

To be honest, as a city-person who’d never heard of MREs before working here, I think they’re beyond neat! I’ve tried 3 entrees and between Sloppy Joe, Beef Ravioli, and Chicken and Veggies with Noodles, I’d have to say Sloppy Joe was my favorite (Noodles a close second)! I also prefer the bread over crackers, and I’m particularly partial to the orange flavored drink reminiscent of old-school Tang.

Bottom line is, MREs are meant to be eaten in emergency situations or wilderness environments. For something that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less and contains enough calories to keep a soldier on his feet, it’s pretty darn delicious! Some even contain packs of Skittles or instant coffee for a little perk-me-up. I wouldn’t place them in the same category of TV-dinners or paper bag lunches, but to each his or her own.

As for when MREs are useful, there are a few instance where it’s good to have them handy:

surepak-MRE-meals-emergency-ration-meals-wholesale-liquidation-experts-wlexperts-stockbridge-gaExtended Power Outages. Hurricane season and winter storms have been known to cut power and strand families at home for days at a time. MREs are great to-go meals that are easy to make and filling. Remember the Atlanta “Snowpocalypse” of previous years? Yeah, enough said.

Camping, Boating, and Outdoor Trips. If you’re traveling off the grid for a few days, pack some MREs for a quick meal with plenty of calories to keep your energy up.

Emergencies and Ministries. From storms to car sopackco-MRE-meals-emergency-ration-meals-wholesale-liquidation-experts-wlexperts-stockbridge-gatroubles, there is no doubt that an MRE would come in handy when you least expect. MREs have also proven to be great for local ministries and mission trips to other countries.

Usually these cases can be found at army surplus stores or online through eBay and Amazon starting at $8 a meal or up to $100 for a case! Wholesale & Liquidation Experts is able to get cases at liquidated prices and offer them to you for $1.99 a meal and $22 for a case of 16 meals. Like our other products, we encourage customers to buy in bulk with these savings! Saving money might not be a basic survival technique, but it sure does help when trying to prepare for the unexpected!

We try to keep MREs in stock so we can deliver the savings right to our customers, but unlike the date on these MREs, our best deals have a short shelf life in the store! Come by our Stockbridge, GA location today or call to place an order for FREE in store pickup!

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