wall of hand tools

We’ve Got the Right Tools to Cater to Contractors’ Needs

We’ve recently reorganized our wall of hand tools to make shopping easier for some of our favorite customers–contractors! We know that time and money can be tighter than a rusted bolt for anyone working on home improvement and remodeling jobs, so this was just one step in making your shopping experience breezier than an un-paned window.

Ok, no more metaphors.

We also cater to interior designers and homeowners looking to spend less and make bold impacts on their home improvement projects. From duct tape and painters tape for small crafting projects to electric power tools for a major remodeling, we carry popular brands from department stores like The Home Depot, Sears, K-Mart, and Walmart. If you need reliable wrench sets, finishing tools, stud finders, masks, saws, levels, cords, even WD-40, we’ve got you covered.

Husky tool chest

A rare Husky Tool Chest is a great find and always at an unbeatable price in our store!

We sometimes see appliances like sinks, faucets, toilets, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and other larger home improvement items come through the store from time to time. Some items we try to stock consistently, but much of our stock flies out the door due to limited availability or high demand. It’s a good idea to call for availability or check our online Craigslist ads

often because brands like Husky, Makita, Porter Cable, Craftsman, Kobalt, and Ridgid come and go faster than a Makita 36-volt X2 Series Circular Saw!

Sorry, that was the last metaphor–promise!

We receive many items through liquidation and closeouts, and we make sure to test electronic tools and appliances to save you the hassle of returning with a faulty product. Many of our products were pulled from their original shelves for no other reason than to clear space for a new and improved model, even if the original item still is in top shape. You may also run across an opened or damaged box, so we will always stress our 30-day guarantee in case an item doesn’t meet expectations.

If you’re a contractor, interior home designer, re-modeler, or just a tool enthusiast, we recommend you stay connected for whenever we receive new stock. Like our Facebook Page to be one of the first to get updates on hot new power tools and hardware items. You can also be added to our Newsletter Mailing List to receive notices of our new shipments every Friday.

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