What’s Inside a Wholesale Pallet?

packages of housewares wrapped in plastic on wholesale pallet

A tower of pallet merchandise can mean great profits for a local wholesale buyer and retailer!

We hit the wholesale jackpot with our newest pallets from one of the country’s most popular retail stores! (We can’t say where exactly the pallets are from, but let’s just say we hit the Bulls Eye with this one!)

A ton of our wholesale buyers have already made these pallets their own and are sure to find success with their own retail plans. The strong relationships we’ve formed with wholesale buyers are because we’re honest and straight-forward about what buyers are getting inside these pallets.

And what ARE they getting?

Wholesale Pallets can be a mix of New Items, Customer Returns, Refurbished, and Salvage merchandise. Let’s break down what each of those means:

New Items

As mentioned in our post about the meaning of Liquidation, new items find their ways into our store due to shelf pulls, damaged boxes, overstock, and inventory closeouts. If a new version comes on the market and a retailer needs to make space, they clear it from the shelf and it ends up part of an outgoing pallet of merchandise.

Customer Returns

Oster waffle iron in box

Customer returns get our Green Dot of approval, tested and priced for your satisfaction guaranteed!

Did you know that about 9% of retail merchandise sold is returned to the original retailer? Reasons can vary from buyer’s remorse, to wrong size or incompatibility, to the item malfunctioning. Not every return means the item’s quality has been compromised. If an item was unused but the box was opened, the original retailer may ship it off in a pallet if they don’t think it will sell in their store.


Refurbished items were used or malfunctioning and have been returned to original working, like-new condition by the manufacturer. More often refurbished merchandise is returned to the retailers sales floor, but if it contains obvious signs of use like scratches or missing packaging, it finds it’s way onto our wholesale pallets. You’re more likely to see electronics or power tools being refurbished over smaller appliances, and they’re usually differentiated by a unique item or serial number.


Of course, with any wholesale pallet from a big retail store, there are sure to be items that were returned because they just didn’t work. This is a risk for some wholesale buyers, but a minor set back for others. A broken appliance or electronic might easily be fixed if put in the right hands, and for a much more cost effective price than trying to buy a bulk pallet of new items. You know what they say: “One man’s junk is another man’s paycheck–” or something like that.

brown cardboard boxes stacked on wholesale palletWhen you come into the store and see the towers of wholesale pallet merchandise wrapped in plastic, you’ll not only get a glimpse of the top notch brand names on each package, but you’ll now know that there can be a variety of conditions stacked on that pallet. For most, our wholesale pallets are less of a gamble and more of an investment for their small business, retail shop, flea market booth, or online store.

Retail customers might not see the benefit of sorting through salvage to get to the items they really need, and we don’t think they should have to! We do the guesswork for our regular customers by sifting through some of our pallet inventory to test products to sell in the store. Only the best items get a price tag, which means our 30-60% off discount along with the value of merchandise that’s in like-new condition! We also guarantee our merchandise for 30 days, so if something does not meet your expectations, you can bring it back hassle-free!

Whether you’re a wholesale buyer or a retail shopper, everyone benefits when we get new shipments of wholesale pallets. Make sure you’re on one of our Newsletter Mailing Lists to receive updates every Friday, or whenever we receive inventory available for wholesale purchases. Sign up below for either our General List or our Wholesale Buyer List.

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We can’t wait to start building a great relationship with both our retail and wholesale customers! Stop by the store today to check out our wholesale inventory while it lasts!

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