What is Closeout Liquidation?

closeout-overstock-surplus-merchandise-boxes-wholesale-liquidation-experts-stockbridge-Atlanta-GAWe would not be able to call ourselves “Experts” if we couldn’t break down all aspects of wholesale and liquidation sales. When you hear either of those terms, you may also come across the word “closeout,” which is a big part of how we do our business.

Closeouts are a type of liquidation where a retailer brings inventory of a particular item or items down to zero. This can be done due to a surplus of items, customer returns, damages to the product or the box, or simply because it’s not selling on their sales floor. Any products from clothes and accessories to home appliances and electronics can meet the fate of a closeout sale and find their way into our store. This is a chance for an item to reach new customers at much lower prices, which is great for shoppers who are used to the comfort and convenience of our sales floor versus a large department store.

Christmas wreath seasonal itemHow are closeout items different from wholesale pallet items? Basically, there’s less guessing with closeout and still more saving! Usually closeout merchandise is new and unopened, with the chance of salvage or damaged items averaging 5% or lower. Seasonal items clothing and home decor, overstock and surplus that haven’t sold within a cycle wind up being liquidated. Retail shoppers tend to benefit more from closeout merchandise, but wholesale buyers may still inquire if we receive pallets and they are interested in larger quantities of goods.

The owner, Matt, has been building strong relationships with shoppers, wholesale buyers, and sellers to provide the best value and lowest prices on closeout liquidation merchandise. Stop by the store to shop our sales floor and get the benefit of new, high quality, brand name items without the big-box retail price tag. If you’re a seller, check out the Sellers page on our website and give Matt a call at 678-284-9100 to discuss the possibilities of working with Wholesale & Liquidation Experts.

2 thoughts on “What is Closeout Liquidation?

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