5 of the Best Bargains Before Halloween

There’s nothing scarier than spending too much money on Halloween. You want your costume to be on point and your decorations to scare the neighborhood children, but it’s all just for one night of the year. You won’t over spend on All Hallow’s Eve if you come by Wholesale & Liquidation Experts and grab some essentials at the lowest prices in town.

1. Candy

Mini Twix

Bake it, eat it, trick-or-treat it! You’ll have more enough candy to share!

Halloween candy doesn’t have to be exquisite and expensive, just tasty! We have bulk boxes of Skittles, Twix Minis, and M&M Minis to make the little ones eye grow big with anticipation! A 20-lbs. box of Twix Minis is only $30. I’ll do the math for you–that’s less than $1 a pound, about 1000 pieces per box! Sure, that’s a lot of candy, but the trick-or-treaters won’t mind, and you’ll have plenty leftover for holiday treats like these! No more tricks for having the lame, unidentifiable, off-brand candy! Feel free to give out packages by the handfuls and never worry about a TP-ed front lawn again!

UPDATE: We had such success selling the chocolate that all we have are the 8-lbs. boxes of Skittles left…for now! We’re expecting even more candy in our new shipments, so keep that sweet tooth strong and stop by soon to stock up on treats!

2. Toilet Paper

Get crafty even after a TP roll is almost finished!

Get crafty even after a TP roll is almost finished!

Speaking of TP, toilet paper is the official paper product of Halloween! Used for costumes, decorations, and even dirty tricks, it’s an unlikely commodity to have in stock for this holiday. No matter what you need it for, Wholesale & Liquidation Experts has bathroom tissue for as low as $5.99 for a 24-pack! That’s an incredible deal and your toilet paper rolls will stand the test of time, even after your DIY Mummy costume!

3. Hand Sanitizer

3 bottles of hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand gell

So much peace of mind from one little bottle.

Keep yourself and your trick-or-treaters safe from the most frightening things on Halloween night: GERMS! It never hurts to carry around a $1 bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go. You don’t need frilly scents or fancy bottles to get the real effect of hand sanitizer. Before you put any candy in your mouth, sanitize those fingers and avoid a cruddy Halloween!

4. Flashlight

rechargeable LED flashlight

Rechargeable Aluminum Alloy LED Flashlight available at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts

Every trick-or-treater’s best friend is a good flashlight. We’ve got the best deals on LED flashlights since we now carry our own exclusive line! Our Aluminum Alloy LED Flashlights are sturdy, rechargeable, reliable, compact, and shine brighter than regular flashlights.  Previously priced at $20-25, we’ve marked all of our new LED flashlights down to $10-15! They’re perfect for a season of shorter days and longer nights, whether you’re searching the streets of your neighborhood for candy, or exploring the mysteries of your local haunted corn maze…which I would never do.

5. Batteries

wall of Energizer battiers

Behold, a wall of power…literally.

You need them, we’ve got them! Up to 36 packs of Energizer AA, AAA, C, and D batteries from $4.99 to $9.99! Never loose power again on LED candles, holiday decor, even those extraordinary costume pieces. It also helps to get them while they last and while they’re low, because Christmas gifts and decorations will require them as well.

Don’t be startled by how low our prices are! We’d rather you save your money for the most epic Halloween costume, not the the smaller essentials. Come by our store this October and shop the best deals in town at prices that won’t make you lose your head!

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