Top 3 Reasons to #ShopSmall in Henry County

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What’s great about shopping small is that local businesses offer the lowest prices and highest level of customer service every day of the year, not just during the holidays. November 29 is Small Business Saturday, which invites shoppers to take advantage of the local experience after venturing out into the big-box madness of Black Friday. There are still weeks left of valuable holiday shopping time before the largest shopping weekend of the year, and you’re guaranteed to find great gift ideas and home essentials when you shop small at Wholesale & Liquidation Expert, or anywhere in your local community.

Here are a few reasons for you to support small businesses in Henry County:

1. Welcoming and Friendly Atmosphere

When you walk through the doors of a local shop, you’re more likely to be greeted and guided by friendly staff members. Every customer is precious, and we understand that out of the many choices to shop or do business, you chose our business. With fewer employees and a closer relationship to the business owner, we offer a higher level of customer service to our shoppers. This is even more important during the holiday seasons when time is limited and stress levels can get high.

2. Supporting Your City’s Economy

By shopping locally you are not only keeping money in the community, you’re supporting local jobs and entrepreneurship. Small businesses also continue the cycle by supporting other small businesses, which keeps funds in our home town and boosts the economy of the city that supports us back! It helps keep prices competitive and selection unique when small businesses in your community are thriving. You can take pride in knowing that the money you’re spending helps to make your city a better place to live and shop.

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3. Unique Items and Experiences

Brooklyn Fine Goods make great pre-packaged gifts for any occasion, just $9.99!

Brooklyn Fine Goods make great pre-packaged gifts for any occasion, just $9.99!

One of the biggest advantages of shopping small businesses is that you never know what you will find. The element of surprise is what keeps many of our customers returning every week! Due to our ability to work with businesses to handle their overstock and inventory liquidations, our stock includes top-rated appliances and tool sets, as well as creative and original items like fashion accessories, toys, or home decor. Each time shoppers walk the floor of a local shop, they’re sure to find one-of-a-kind gifts, exclusive merchandise, or personalized services that a big business won’t offer.

It is always an honor to hear how far our customers travel to visit the store. Shoppers come from all over Metro Atlanta, from Kenessaw to Macon, and even as far as Chattanooga, TN and North Florida just to get these unbeatable deals! But the customers we want to appreciate today are our local shoppers from right here in Henry County. The support of the community has brought us great success, allowing us to keep providing the lowest prices and best deals on brand name and quality items day after day!

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