Product Feature: Ninja Blenders are Healthy, High-Powered Money-Savers

Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Watt

Ninja Professional 1000 Watt: $83.99 (Retail $99.99)

From smoothies and shakes, to salad dressing and soup, a high-powerful blender can serve up a variety of recipes for every meal of the day. Some only imagine a thick, green ooze of fruits and veggies, or an icy fruit sorbet pouring from the opening of a blender. In reality, the more powerful a blender, the more food processing duties it can handle, and the Ninja blenders are the most powerful blenders on the market! With up to 1500 watts of power, crushed ice, whole fruits and vegetables, or even almonds are no problem!

Blenders aren’t just summer appliances. You can create fast snacks or side dishes any time of year, no ice required! With a Ninja Blender, the possibilities are boundless, especially once you find your favorite ingredients. Pate, salsa, and hummus are a breeze to make with just a press of a button, and make a filling and healthy accompaniment to any meal! Smoothing out sweet potatoes for a creamy soup is just as easy as churning together a naturally sweetened iced-coffee or preparing batter for delicious French Toast breakfast. Find your inspiration with 50 Thing You Can Make With a High Powered Blender, or visit our Blenders and Beyond board on Pinterest for more deliciously healthy recipes!

Wholesale & Liquidation Experts now carries NutriNinja, Ninja Professional, and Ninja Ultima Blender Plus at closeout prices. They’re tested and guaranteed for 30 days in store. They’re selling faster than a spinning puree blade, so stop by the store to get in on the Ninja revolution today! Browse through the slideshow and click the Ninja blender for more details.

Ready to invest in your new favorite kitchen appliance? Come by our store in Stockbridge, GA and choose your level of power!

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