Extended Holiday Return Policy

Christmas gifts with returned tags

Even the perfect gift may not be the perfect fit. No problem!

Now that the holidays are near, we know that there’s no compromising when it comes to holiday gifts for your loved ones. We’ll be extending our return policy for items bought as gifts until January 18, 2015.

Starting in November, if you purchase items like toys, personal electronics, clothing and accessories, or gift sets, you can use the extended holiday return window to bring those items back after Christmas. Make sure to keep your receipts and to bring back items in their original condition.

Blog: Why We Stand Behind Our 30-Day Return Policy

If you do need to return an item anytime during the holiday season, make sure to follow these 3 hassle-free tips:

1. Keep Your Receipt – Bring your receipt so that the sales associate can quickly see the items you purchased, the amount you paid, and how to refund you. Make sure you’re name is also in our system so we can reference your sale’s history just in case!

2. Double Check Items – Please make sure all parts are included and that returned merchandise is in the original condition from the time it was sold.

3. Be Patient – The days immediately after Christmas are usually very busy with both sales and returns, so plan ahead for busy times, traffic, and store lines. Every customer’s experience is important and we’ll make sure you have a polite and respectful return experience!

Gift Wrapping Photo via Pinterest.

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