30-day money back guarantee seal and checkmark

Why We Stand Behind Our 30-Day Return Policy

30-day money back guarantee seal and checkmarkIn the liquidation line of business, our products come from a variety of places. We guarantee all of our products because we know problems can occur anywhere between the manufacturer’s factory and your front door! Matt Brenckle, owner of Wholesale & Liquidation Experts, explains why he has a 30-day return policy versus a 7-day policy.

We used to offer a 7-day return policy, but with items like electric tools or appliances, customers sometimes didn’t have enough time to use and test the products when they got home before the return policy had expired. With a 30-day return policy, shoppers feel comfortable purchasing more items and customer satisfaction is much higher.

A very small percentage of our items are returned because of flaws or because they’re not working, but it makes our business more reliable when customers know they have enough time to bring back something that just doesn’t work.

We make our 30-day return policy go even further by keeping track of each customer’s name and purchases in our store system. While we do require you to have your receipt present at the time of a return, there are times when we can reference your information to assist with your refund or exchange. Quality customer service proves to shopper that we value their business and strive to offer a hassle-free buying and returning experience for everyone.

Our 30-day guarantee means can choose to get a refund or exchange for returning items in their original condition. Because the condition of our items range from customer returns to brand new, we see no reason not to honor a return if you are not absolutely satisfied! We carry the brands our customers already trust and stand behind the quality of every item we sell.

If you have any questions regarding our return policy, feel free to refer to your store receipt or ask a sales associate next time you shop with us! Also, read our Extended Holiday Return Policy for after-Christmas gift satisfaction guarantee and return tips!

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