The 5 Best Bargains Before Thanksgiving

There’s not too much time before you’ll be heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house. The holiday season has officially started, and with Halloween now just a phantom of the past, Thanksgiving is just weeks away! Time to queue the still-too-early Christmas music and prep the guest rooms for company. Remember to stop by Wholesale & Liquidation Experts to get the essentials for all of your holiday cooking, cleaning, and entertaining this Thanksgiving. Here are the best bargains you’ll find in store before Turkey Day.

1. Cleaning Supplies

Holiday Cleaning is just as important an Spring Cleaning, if not more so. When you clean up in the fall you clean so that family and friends can stop by and share season’s greetings. Tidy up faster and more efficiently with cleaning products with brand names, top quality, and unbeatable low prices. PineSol, Clorox, Windex, 409, and AirWick are some customer favorites that start as low as $1.99! We carry supplies like antibacterial wipes, microfiber and red shop towels, wet mop cloths, and paper towels in bulk!

2. Cookware and Kitchenware

Take your holiday cooking to the next level with cookware and kitchen supplies from Martha Stewart, George Foreman, and The Food Network. Ninja blenders make whipping together your favorite recipes easier (and more exquisite) than ever! Crock Pots, pressure cookers, and rice cookers take all the work out of holiday meals, and our prices take all of the pressure from your other holiday spending!

3. Toys

Just call us your unofficial Toy Land here at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts! The closer it gets to Christmas morning, the madder the rush will be for Marvel, Disney, Fisher-Price, My Little Pony, LEGO, Discovery Kids, and V-Tech brands, so you’ll want to check off your child’s wishlist as soon as possible. You’ll find toys, games, and activity items for girls and boys of all ages, including infants. Find the kids’ favorites at lower prices compared to Toys-R-Us, Target, and Walmart, and make the little ones glad they stayed on the “Nice List” this year.

4. Space Heaters

With festive days come freezing nights, and you’ll want to be prepared for the cold ahead of time. Don’t spend a single night with numb toes by making sure you have a reliable room heater by Kenmore or other top brands. Whether you need to heat your office cubicle or an entire room, you can find the right size space heater at an average of 40% less than hardware and retail stores. Don’t let the winter chill affect your home or your wallet this season!

5. Holiday Decor

If you’re playing a game of chicken with your neighbors to see who’s going to put up Christmas decorations first, we can help get you stocked up on lights, ornaments, lawn decor, and trees at unbelievably low prices for when the time is right. If you are that neighbor that wastes no time decking the halls, stop by for $2 holiday greeting cards, $1 rolls of wrapping paper, and gift wrapping kits with bows, ribbons, and more starting at $7.99!

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Black Friday might be great for the big stuff, but don’t overlook the unbeatable bargains right in front of you as you prepare for Thanksgiving! Stop by the store today and find the best bargains in our weekly shipments!

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