5 products you need to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

True, you make promises to yourself every year, and by February you’re back to your old habits. While it’s not easy to keep 12 months of resolve to change, you definitely get kudos for making the effort! Before you decided to give up in 2015, stop by Wholesale & Liquidation Experts in the New Year and take a look at these items that might help. If nothing else, you’ll find a store to keep the most important resolution of all: save more money!


Manage your time better when you keep track of your day-by-day appointments with a 2015 Diary Date Book – $2.99

Soft Balance Memory Foam Pillow - $14.99

Soft Balance Memory Foam Pillow – $14.99

Get enough sleep each night by eliminating stress and discomfort when you lay your head on a Soft Balance Memory Foam pillow – $14.99

mulit-vitamin-supplement-healthBe healthy on the inside with the right balance of multi-vitamins, natural supplements and gummy vitamins – $2.99/$4.99

BLACK-AND-DECKER-BLENDER-KITCHEN-APPLIANCEAnother way to be good to yourself is with a kitchen blender to mix up delicious smoothies and new recipe ideas for almost any meals – $14.99

suitcases-designer-travel-stockbridge-gaTake the trip you’ve always wanted and eliminate the stress built up in 2014. Just pack up your new suitcase and go! – $20 each

While we hope your resolve lasts throughout the year of 2015, these deals won’t last long in the store at these low prices! Discover new bargains and exciting new finds every week in our store and make 2015 your most wallet-friendly year yet! Make sure you’re on our mailing list so you can get each week’s deals and discounts right in your inbox!


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