Electric Deals on Flashlight Torches

flashlight-torch-stun-gun-rechargeable-taser-defense-weapon-stockbridge-atlanta-ga-wholesaleFlashlight torches, or flashlight stun guns, are the idea means of defense weapons for everyone. Men and women can benefit from having a little extra defense on the hips, in their bags, or around their wrist while doing usual tasks around town. Imagine feeling just a little more peace of mind when taking the dog out in the early morning, jogging in your favorite park, or walking through the parking garage late atnight. Now imagine that peace of mind for your family members as well!

We noticed many dads picking up 2 or three for wives and daughters over the holiday season, and have also sold multiple to contractors, real estate agents, utility workers,and even local security and county officers. The draw to our flashlight torches, aside from their great prices and local purchasing convenience, are the sturdy design quality and recharge capabilities. The torches come with a simple and effective built-in charging interface and wall charger so you won’t have to worry about swapping out batteries.


Our flashlight torches are also incredibly easy and safe to use. The styles we carry utilize separate switches for the flashlight and shock functions, or an On-Off switch at the base of the torch that keeps the charge from accidentally discharging. It also helps to keep the flashlight torch from losing its charge, though for the best results and optimal protection the torch should be charged whenever not in use.


Now that you know a little more about these  hot items, come by the store and see them for yourself. We won’t give you an actual zap, but we can give you a demonstration of what more than 1000-5000 kilo-volts of shock looks and sounds like from the needle end of one of our tactical torches. Stop by today and see the styles and designs of flashlight torches that we have in stock starting at $19.99 to $24.99. We continuously keeping these items stocked, but they can sell fast so get them now before they’re gone!

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