The Plain White T-Shirt That Everyone Needs to Buy in Bulk

america-apparel-cotton-t-shirtOne of our many great liquidation shipments has been the American Apparel 100% cotton t-shirts we acquired at a low price. So low that we’re able to offer these t-shirts that value $13-18 in retail stores for just $2.99 a piece in store for any size! Even better is that we have wholesale quantities of 98 pieces or more available for $2.50 a shirt!

What makes American Apparel clothing so valuable is the fact that their clothing is made in a state-of-the-art sweatshop-free factory in Los Angeles, Ca. The skilled labor that goes into making any American Apparel garment speaks volumes for the company and any of their products. If you own a company that does screen printing, spray painting, embroidery, or clothing retail, the value of your final product will show to your customers just from them reading the tag!


We carry unisex sizes XS to 3XL and the material is soft, breathable, and comfortable. Whether you’re layering yours under your winter wear or a already anticipating fashionable statement pieces to your warm weather outfits, you won’t want just one at this price! If you have a family reunion, corporate function, or community activity that requires group shirts you can grab the quantities you need at as low as $2.50 per shirt!

american-apparel-3xl-xxxl-t-shirt-100-cotton-jersetThese shirts are available to retail shoppers as well as wholesale buyers. We now also have an online eBay listing so you can purchase them from anywhere in the world for less than $1 more plus convenient, fast shipping. You won’t find this deal anywhere else, and once these shirts are gone, they’re gone! Call us today at 678-284-9100 to learn more, or visit our store at 695 Red Oak Road in Stockbridge.

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