Coming January 30: The Loyalty Program You’ve Been Waiting For

Get ready for a fun loyalty program with a simple, yet rewarding points system!

Get ready for a fun loyalty program with a simple, yet rewarding points & tier system!

There is no better time than the start the new year to add even more value to our customers’ shopping experience! We’ve been planning and testing new ideas to invite shoppers to stop by more often and to save more money (if you can believe that’s possible)! On January 30, we’ll be rekindling a new Loyalty Program that allows our regular customers to save every time they shop!

We are excited to present our customers with a loyalty program that’s simple to use and clearly displays your progress towards extra savings. Whether you’re a weekly shopper or an occasional browser, every purchase means you’re ever close to extra discounts. They loyalty program we’ve chosen works directly with our current POS system, so every purchase automatically recognizes each customer and calculates their points or shopper level. It will also allow customers to check rewards right from their phone and Share their rewards history on Facebook to earn even more points!

We will announce the final details of our loyalty plan later this month, so check back to our blog often, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or get alerts right to your inbox with email or text updates every Friday.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our new loyalty program before it’s official launch, feel free to call the store at (678) 284-9100 and ask for Renee, the Marketing Manager; or stop by and Monday-Friday and ask about details!

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