What You Need to Know About Our New Loyalty Program

stars-shopping-bagStarting January 30, customers can begin earning points on all retail purchases with the launch of our new Loyalty Rewards Program at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts. Every dollar equals one point on our new program, and every dollar spent gets you closer to greater savings on all of your purchases!

Nearly 3000 of our customers will already by signed up to earn rewards once the program starts because they have previously signed up to get email alerts from the store each week. You can make sure you’re part of our Loyalty Program on Day 1 by entering or updating your information in store on your next visit.

How do I start earning rewards?

If your name and email address are already in our point-of-sales system, you can shop as you usually do. Once the program officially starts, you will receive points immediately on each purchase.

If we do not have your name or email address on file, or if you think you do but are not receiving our store newsletter every Friday, ask a sales associate to update your information and you’ll begin to earn points on your transaction in progress.

That’s all! No extra payments, no mailing in postcards, just continuing your regular shopping trips!

What rewards can I unlock?

We decided to implement a tiered reward system so that once customers reach a new points goal, they earn extra discounts on all of their total purchases. Here are the levels you can achieve:

Bronze_Membership1-290x247Bronze Level — After 250 points, Bronze Level customers automatically save 2% off all retail purchases.

Silver-Membership-300x241Silver Level — After 500 points, Silver Level customers receive 5% off of all retail purchases.

gold-membership-logoGold Level — After 750 points, Gold Level customers get 8% off of all retail purchases.

platinum-member-logoPlatinum Level — After 1000 points, Platinum Level customers get 10% off of all retail purchases.

Can I sign up online?

Yes, you can sign-up online by filling out the form with your name and email address.

Can I earn or redeem my points on wholesale purchases?

No, because we offer special discount prices for wholesale buyers and local store owners who consistently buy bulk items over $500. Points can only be earned and redeemed on retail purchases.

What is Collect?

Collect loyalty rewards program

Collect is the program we are use to manage our Loyalty Program. They have been helping big and small businesses manage effective and rewarding loyalty programs all over the world! They also make is easy and convenient for customers to view points they’ve earned and share their progress with friends on Facebook. Collect works directly with our current POS system so that adding, tracking, and redeeming points is seamless for both our customers and our sales associates.

A 2% discount doesn’t seem like a lot…

When you shop at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts, you’re already saving between 30-60% off of popular brand name and top quality products’ retail prices everyday. The Bronze Membership’s 2% discount can mean an extra $10 in total savings while you’re earning points towards the Silver Membership. Once you reach the Silver Level, you can more than triple your savings as you continue earning points.

The best part of our Loyalty Program is that you don’t have to do anything extra! We keep track of your sales and manage your next level for you! As an extra bonus, we will start counting points as early as Saturday, January 24!

Got any questions regarding our program? We’re sure that we will learn many more things as the program goes active. You can get in touch with me, Renee, the Social Media and Marketing Manager by commenting below, emailing me directly at rcooper@wlexperts.com, or calling the store at (678) 284-9100 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm! I’ll be happy to help you save more money with our new Loyalty Program!

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