4 Ways to Bake Up the Best Valentine’s Day Treats Under $15

Valentine’s Day always seems to get a bad rep, especially from those who roll their eyes at the thought of lovey-dovey traditions. But if you think about it as an excuse to share something sweet and delicious with family and loved ones, it should become everyone’s favorite holiday!

Wholesale & Liquidation Experts is known for having unique items that make great gifts for others or to try our yourself! These products popped up on the shelves this week and are perfect for cooking up delicious treats to share (or pig out on yourself–we also sell Pepto-Bismol)! Oh, also forget to mention each of these finds is under $15!

1. Ebelskiver Filled Pancake Pan – $5.99

20150127_09391020150127_093923Ebeleskiver are like danish donuts that can be filled or topped with almost anything you like! The Nordic Ware Filled Pancake Pan come with a breakfast cook book and you can find tons of recipes on Pinterest to help you start the day with bite-size deliciousness.

2. Baked + Fire King 4-Piece Backing Set – $14.99

20150127_093846Fire King makes heavy-duty bake ware that can handle the most delectable of baked goods! This set comes with a 3-qt. glass baking dish, 4-qt. mixing bowl, a box of Baked Bakery milk chocolate brownie mix, and a Baked Cookbook for all of your chocolatey, cakey, nutty, and frosted recipe adventures.

3. Mrs. Fields Cast Iron Cookie Skillet – $9.99


20150127_093735What’s better than a chocolate chip cookie? A GIANT chocolate chip cookie! Make a Mrs. Fields cookie that’s big enough to decorate, top with ice-cream, and share with that someone special! It’s red ribbon presentation also makes it perfect to gift and comes with cookie mix so you can get baking immediately!

4. Krusteaz Monkey Bread – $4.99

20150127_093744I’d actually never heard of Money Bread until these boxes showed up, and now I can’t wait to try the sticky-sweet cinnamon pastry! I’m even more excited because the Krusteaz Monkey Bread dessert mix is so easy to make in just minutes!

Who says you can’t say “Be Mine” without all of the candy-coating and pink frills? Baked goods are great for any holiday or any time of year, however once these products are gone, they’re gone! I’ll keep an eye out for the most fun and unique items in the store and share them here, so stay connected with our blog! You can also sign up to get our weekly newsletter that previews what’s in our new shipments each week!


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