Let the Loyalty Rewards Begin: Last Minute Questions Answered!

As of last week we’ve started adding your dollars up into loyalty points! You can get a basic understanding for how Loyalty Points works and the Membership Levels by reading this post.

Almost 3000 of our customers are already signed up for our Loyalty Program, and 3 are already at the Bronze Level Membership! Bronze Level shoppers will now save an additional 2% off of each purchase until they reach the next level. That can soon be you!

Some questions have come up while discussing our new Loyalty Program with shoppers, and we’ve got the answers!

spouse-share-moneyQ: My spouse and I both shop at your store. Can we combine our Loyalty Points?

A: Yes! Our system uses email addresses as unique IDs for each customer. You and your spouse can share points by using the same email address in our system. Otherwise, your separate email addresses will continue to earn points separately.


an e-mail letter that has a @ sign on itQ: What if I don’t have an email address?

A: We do require a valid email address in order for customers to earn Loyalty Points. We recommend creating a free Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo account; or you can use another family member’s email address. If that family member is already in our system, points earned using that email address will be combined with yours.


Q: I want to join the program but do not want the weekly newsletter.

A: We believe our newsletter is a valuable part of helping customers find the best deals and most popular products each week. It allows our loyal customers to see items and prices first so you can “get it before it’s gone!” However, if you’d like to opt out of the newsletter, simply click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the first newsletter you receive from WLExperts. If you’re a new customer, any email from our store will go out on Friday afternoon.

As always, if you  have any further questions, I’m here to help get you the answers! You can speak with me, Renee, the Marketing Manager, Monday-Friday during store ours. I’ll also be available this Saturday, January 31 to answer questions! Remember, once you’re signed up, points are earned and applied at the register automatically! We can’t wait for you to save even MORE money on items you love at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts, and THANK YOU for staying a loyal customer with us!


2 thoughts on “Let the Loyalty Rewards Begin: Last Minute Questions Answered!

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