March is Spring Cleaning Clearance Month, Starts Feb. 27

spring-cleaning-clearance-header-Wholesale-Liquidation-experts-stockbridge-atlantaIf you haven’t been by the store lately (or haven’t followed us on Facebook, signed up for our weekly newsletter, or visited our website) you’ve been missing out on some major price markdowns these past few weeks! It’s not too late to get some great items before they’re gone for good, like our genuine leather bags and power tools; however you’re going to be really glad you happened by THIS blog!

12840579-floral-heart-in-shopping-cart-for-your-designWe mentioned in a previous post about our upcoming Spring Cleaning Clearance, and finally all the details are ready to be released you, the anticipating shoppers! Each week in March we’re going to offer an extra 20% off coupon for featured product categories. That’s 20% off our already low price tag on items like home decor, clothing, and kids and baby. Our goal is to sweep out the products we’ve had forever and make room for the new spring and summer items.

The other nice part about the Spring Cleaning Clearance is that our Bronze and Silver Members will still be able to use their loyalty points discounts on all of their purchases. That means our 30-60% retail, plus up to 20% with the sale, plus 2-5% off with loyalty points! You could be saving a total of 50-85% off your favorite items in March!

The first coupon will be available soon on our website, on Facebook, and in our next newsletter, so make sure to sign up or follow our Page to start saving as early as this Friday. I won’t spoil the surprise of which category will be on clearance first, so you’ll want to connect with us to get your coupon delivered directly to you.




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