Money-Saving Monday: Shopping with a Friend

bulk toilet paper cleaning supplies and water


Today’s Money-Saving Monday tip is brought to you by Martha Stewart​: Buy Bulk with a Friend.

Martha suggests making your shopping list with a buddy to split already low costs and to keep track of the household items everyone uses frequently. We currently  have enough toilet paper, non-perishable food and snacks, soap, and toiletries to buy in large quantities so you and a friend will be set for a while!

She also suggests buying in bulk with a friend to save on pricey membership fees, however we have no pricey membership fees! One the contrary, our Loyalty Membership costs nothing extra and gives you savings back after you’ve earned enough points to qualify for each level.

One of our recommendations for friends and family to earn Loyalty Points quicker at our store is to share an email address with a spouse, sibling, or parent and earn points faster for access to greater discounts!

Our prices at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts are low enough for you to shop and save alone, but we always recommend bringing a friend and sharing the wealth of great savings, even if you’re not splitting the price!

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