Monday-Saving Monday: Shop Around for Lowest Prices

money-scale-price-comparisonCoupons and sales sound great, but unless you know your’e really getting the best price on your purchases, you may still be losing money. Comparing prices on items you’re looking to buy is the best way to save money, especially as we get closer to more active vacation months. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big purchase like a table saw or small one like a coffee machine, any chance to a few dollars adds up to more left in your pocket!

When we price our inventory at Wholesale & Liquidation Experts, we’re always lower than the big-box stores because we price items at 30-60% off of retail competitors. We carry the top brands of kitchen appliances, bedding, cleaning supplies, clothing and accessories, health and beauty items, power tools, and more so it’s easy to recognize the value and the savings when you shop with us. You can also find unique, high quality everyday household items like toilet paper, personal electronics, and home decor that you won’t find anywhere else at our prices or quantities!

Pricing tools like Red Laser, Smoopa, and even Walmart’s Savings Catcher can show you the local prices on many of the items we already have in stock. Compare while you’re shopping with us, you’ll find our prices are unbeatable compared to most other store locations or online listings. Be quick, because at our prices many items don’t last long on the shelves, so shop us as soon as you see a bargain before it’s snatched up! When you’re not shopping with us, use your favorite price comparison tool to save money wherever you go!

Find the best deals in town on thousands of items when you visit our Stockbridge store and warehouse! Your extra savings could boost your spring break or summer getaway fund!

What are your favorite price comparison apps or tools?

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