3 Reasons why Wholesale & Liquidation Experts is better than Amazon Prime Day

I, like much of the shopping community, started my day browsing the Black Friday-beating number of deals available only to Amazon Prime members, only today. Of course, Amazon’s main goal is to invite more users to sign up for the $99 a year Prime Membership. Who wouldn’t love free shipping on millions of items? I use Prime and love it, but mostly in dire last minute needs, rather than one-day-deal impulse buys. Many of the shopping categories on Amazon during today’s Prime Day can be found by taking a tour of the Wholesale & Liquidation Experts sales floor.

Call me biased to my own brand, but I think Wholesale & Liquidation Experts has many of these Prime Day deals beat, and here’s why:

1. Wholesale & Liquidation Experts has in-store deals EVERYDAY! Our price tags average 30-60% off the top retail stores’ prices on both new and used merchandise. Just because Wal-Mart and Best Buy are getting into the spirit of a “Black Friday” style blowout in July, just gives them an excuse to lower prices for a season. We have unbeatable prices all year-round, and toss in even lower discounts weekly!

2. Our Loyalty Program is FREE! We started this year by rolling out a new and improved Membership Loyalty Program that makes every dollar customers spend a point towards even more discounts! There are no fees to sign up and only requires an email address to get started earning points. By signing up with your email address, you also get updates each week to learn what new has come into the store, so you won’t be surprised by secret sales or elusive products!

3. Same-Day pickup beats 2-day shipping anyday! Sure, Amazon Prime’s fast shipping is an amazing perk for items you can’t get anywhere else, but if you can get it here today, why wait? With the added convenience of paying for items in advance, you can even secure merchandise and pick it up the same business day! Even better, if the item you buy from our store just isn’t up to par, you have 30 days to return it without the hassle of return shipping, tracking, or the post office.

Wholesale & Liquidation Experts is an exciting and rewarding local shopping experience in Stockbridge. While it is fun to point, click, and save on online shopping sites, especially Amazon.com, there’s always something unique to find in our store each week that will make you glad you stopped by before buying anywhere else!

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