Extended Store Hours Starting March 13


As a response to customer feedback and our abundance of new deals, our store hours are extending to Monday thru Saturday 9AM to 9PM, and Sunday 12PM to 6PM. An increase in new, quality merchandise means we have more to sell and want to give you more time to shop these incredible bargains. Our team of friendly and trustworthy staff is also growing in the store front and the warehouse, so anytime you visit you’ll receive an excellent customer service experience.

The time change officially begins on Saturday, March 13, and we anticipate a Spring Yard Sale to kick off the new hours. It just so happens our store hours’ change also falls on Daylight Savings Time weekend, so get ready for extra daylight and extra savings!

If you’ve visited our store in the past month, you will have noticed many more changes both inside and out! Customers now have better accessibility to the sales floor since the construction of our ramp from the parking lot to the front door. And have you noticed a clearer, view of our building from the intersection of Red Oak and Rock Quarry? What about the newly pained “Open to the Public” sign just below our truck dock? Our new customers sure have noticed, making it easier for you to give directions to the friends and family you refer to us.

Inside, the food and grocery aisles now fill most of the store’s front room and a new cooler now holds essentials like milk, butter, and eggs! We have also expanded more aisles of merchandise in the back of the warehouse for retail shoppers to better locate and discover amazing deals. All of these changes have been as a response to your feedback. Soon, we’ll be answering another request that we’re sure you’ll be excited about!

Make sure you are on our Friday newsletter list to receive updates to the hours change, upcoming Yard Sale, and other specials we run in the store every week! Sign up today in store at the register or online at http://www.WLExperts.com.


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