Money-Saving Monday: 5 Way Not to (Spring) Break Your Bank

family walking on beach together in sandWith Spring Break on the way for Henry County and many Georgia colleges and universities, parents and students alike may be worrying about how to fund an enjoyable getaway with friends and family. Thankfully, a few hours drive outside of the city can bring you to Florida beaches, North Georgia mountain lodges, or camping destinations that the entire family can enjoy. Atlanta is also full of great stay-cation activities like the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Centennial Olympic Park, Stone Mountain, and the Fernbank Museum.

Regardless of where you take your vacation, remember these important tips for saving money while on Spring Break:

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Monday-Saving Monday: Shop Around for Lowest Prices

money-scale-price-comparisonCoupons and sales sound great, but unless you know your’e really getting the best price on your purchases, you may still be losing money. Comparing prices on items you’re looking to buy is the best way to save money, especially as we get closer to more active vacation months. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big purchase like a table saw or small one like a coffee machine, any chance to a few dollars adds up to more left in your pocket!

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Money-Saving Monday: Shopping with a Friend

bulk toilet paper cleaning supplies and water


Today’s Money-Saving Monday tip is brought to you by Martha Stewart​: Buy Bulk with a Friend.

Martha suggests making your shopping list with a buddy to split already low costs and to keep track of the household items everyone uses frequently. We currently  have enough toilet paper, non-perishable food and snacks, soap, and toiletries to buy in large quantities so you and a friend will be set for a while! Continue reading

Money-Saving Monday: Tackling Tax Season Mistakes

tax-refund-oopsUncle Sam will ALWAYS get his–one way or another! For some, Tax Season means a great big check and a much needed springtime spending spree. Others shake their heads in disbelief at all the money they could have been saving all year long. And a select few fear Tax Season, only to realize they could also be enjoying a larger refund or heftier paychecks! I’m pretty sure I fall into that last category, always worried about the paperwork and which boxes to check, but being pleasantly surprised by the final numbers.

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Money-Saving Monday: Track Spending with Lists, Receipts, and Apps

Want to get creative with your receipt organization? Pinterest can always help!

Want to get creative with your receipt organization? Pinterest can help!

After that cold snap we had in Georgia last week, many of you probably wanted to disregard my first Monday-Saving Monday advice about turning down the heat to save money. However, many others stopped by and saved money on our selection of space and room heaters, so perhaps the message was useful after all! This week I’ll focus on something that anyone can do immediately to make their future money-saving attempts more transparent.

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Money Saving Monday: Turn Down (The Heat) for What!

Love-Money-washingtonHopefully everyone had a beautiful and enjoyable Valentine’s Day, whether you spent it with your beau, your besties, or your bros. If you happened to fall into the numbers stated in the article of How Much Americans Spend on Valentine’s Day, you’re probably ready to pinch some dead presidents this President’s Day.

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